Hi! I'm Dairien.

I create experiences for desktop and mobile devices. I'm a product designer and developer with over 10 years of experience.

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Pictour  iOS APP

An iOS app that allows you to connect to your IG account to create tours (albums) of the places you’ve been. Explore albums created by others, organized by geographic region – Two man hack project with the homie, @GK3

Who Am I?

I currently help build products at team @rise, previously @groupon & @dtelepathy. Straight outta San Francisco with my dog Bandit. My focus is primarily on emerging platforms and technlogoies. I am a full-stack designer with the ability to execute on a project from inception through completion.


Design is represented by much more than what is visible on the surface. My passion lies in crafting each detail of an experience for it’s viewer. Product design provides me with a great balance of data-informed decision-making and creativity.


I’ve always maintained a strong inclination to code the experiences that I design. Through formal education and extensive practice, I have become fluent developing for both desktop and mobile devices. Swift (iOS), JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.

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